Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thanks Stacy!

Stacy, my step sister was getting married and wanted to have a bridal party here in Vegas, so we went to dinner and then to the Phantom of the Opera. It was so much fun to have her, Angie and Heather all together hanging out!


Melissa S said...

That sounds like a blast! I wish I was your sister! ;) haha! I really need to teach you some tricks to lighten your photos up :)

I love you!!!

The Wadsworth's said...

I think we should do something like that!! I really need to see you :) PLEASE let me know when you are in town!

Natalie said...


I have searched high and low on your blog for the news of #4! How far apart will these they be? That is so exciting!

I laughed at your comment on FB. I don't know if there is another baby for us. When Grace is 1 then we will start thinking about it, but of course it is something that is weighing on my mind. IF we have another one it's cause we want another baby, not because we want a boy... although it would be fun to try our hand at a little man! We love our girls and would welcome another little lady in a heart beat!

You look awesome! What is your secret for slimming down after three soon to be four kids?

We are renting a home in herriman. We are still renting out our vegas house as well, and probably will be for a while! What is your take on the market down there?