Saturday, January 10, 2009


We spent New Years Eve eating and Playing the wii with the Markel's

I beat the crap out of Brandon that night. That's right my DEAR I BEAT YOU UP!! Boxing rocks! Or should I say I ROCK!

Happy your done with your service to our country Christy! Thank you for your time!!!!! You'll be a GREAT mother and housewife I just know it!

Us with Christy and Adam Markel 

Well Christmas has come and gone and now here it is Jan. Before we know it 5 years later!

May God Bless us all this year!

Broc's Birthday

Yum. Broc wanted popcorn for his breakfast. Good thing it was his birthday.
Opening his presents
Another year at Grandpa and Grandma Irvin's for his birthday
he always has a good time

Christmas at the Irvin's

Go Carra Go Carra You did a rockin' job!
What a Perfect pair! So happy together.
Julie and Chelsea They also did Great!
Jay and Brandon Rock Band. You did Rock Hard!
Sorry to say you missed out on my smoking performance. I asked "No pictures please"  

Christmas EVE

Christmas Eve in downtown Vegas we went to the Belogio. That was so beautiful.
For some reason the pictures are backwards so this is Christmas Morning I promise Dallyn's PJ's aren't pink and those aren't flowers on his pants :) 

Christmas Eve! Cute Boys

More at the Belogio

Our dear friends the Markel's did the twelve days of Christmas for us.
This was the last day
and this was the first.